Justina Jones

I started gymnastics at the age of 10 and very quickly fell in love with the sport! Shortly after starting I was given the opportunity to move into the competition classes where I trained 3 times a week, I didn’t look back.

Gymnastics became a passion of mine and I loved every minute. I competed in various competitions and became club champion at the age of 16!

Throughout my training years I was extremely lucky to be chosen along with other gymnasts to train at lilleshall national sports centre, where Olympic gymnasts complete part of their training, we met Olympic gymnasts whilst we were there too!!! I also travelled to America and trained at garden state gymnastics club which was an amazing experience and one I won’t forget.

I gained some of my closest friends through my training (as it was our second home).

I feel gymnastics has taught me a lot and although it requires a lot of hard work, determination and dedication it is definitely worth it.

After being given the opportunity to become a coach at Allegro I have not looked back and gained qualifications as a level 2 women’s artistic coach, level one men’s coach and club judge. I hope to be able to further my qualifications in the years to come including level 3 women’s artistic, level 2 mens and regional judge. I would love to branch out into other disciplines within gymnastics!

I love sharing my passion for the sport and knowledge with the gymnasts at allegro.

Gymnastics allowed me to achieve alot and I continue to love the sport.