In my real life, I’m a Maths teacher at North Lindsey College, but I have been involved with gymnastics since I started at 7 years old. I was in squad until I was 16, when I became a junior coach. I joined the trampoline team at university, and then had a break while I started working and had my family. I got back into coaching because I was bored of sitting in the waiting room for 5 days a week, waiting for one or the other of my children to finish gymnastics! I had never tried cheerleading before and it looked like fun. I was right! Cheer is brilliant fun and I love helping my athletes overcome fears, push their limits and achieve new skills. 

I have gained BGU Cheer Level 1 & 2, BGU Tumble Safe, Level 2 Child Protection, UK Coaching Mental Health in Sport, and I am about to complete BGU Cheer Foundations (pre-school and Foundation stage cheer).