Whatever gymnastics discipline your child has chosen, we aim to do our very best to fulfil his or her potential.

Allegro Gymnastic Academy was created over a cuppa and that realisation that having our own club could actually work. Before Allegro was born the club ran at the local leisure centre and a local school. There were difficulties that were faced from running out of these facilities due to the lack of equipment and storage space. A funding committee was founded by the head coach and from there on in the club started to grow fast. With now the right team in place with the same ambition as the head coach things started to move. We can now say we have a club that only dreams are made off we opened our own dedicated facility under our new name of Allegro in June 2016. 

Our intent: It is our intent to develop gymnastics in North Lincolnshire and for our Club to become a County Facility. We aim for excellence in our sport. Allegro Gymnastic Academy is a non-profit making organisation and your fees, after deduction of running costs, are reinvested in the Club for future development.


The purposes of the Academy are to promote and provide facilities for the amateur sport of gymnastics in North Lincolnshire. With Commitment from all involved success will follow, of this there is no doubt. The Directors and Coaches are fully committed to providing excellent gymnastics training and Club organisation. Gymnasts also need to be committed to their training including good attendance and concentration. They also need to be committed to taking responsibility for the care of equipment and decoration and content of the facility. The facility has been created for the benefit of all. Each and every gymnast should treat the facility with only the greatest respect.

The Directors will take ownership and the responsibility for, the strategic development and governance of Allegro Gymnastics Academy in their areas of expertise. In doing so, Directors will act in an honest, professional and transparent manner, always putting the needs of the academy first.

The coaches’ responsibility is to provide a challenging gymnastics environment, through setting appropriate targets for gymnasts and by providing the best technical advice. In order to do this the coaches must take ownership of their coaching, continually working on developing their professional coaching skills. All of our coaches work as part of a team which gives them added strength.

Gymnasts need to trust their coaches to provide the most appropriate gymnastics programme and to give honest advice. In order to help them, the gymnasts have the opportunity to be able to be the best they can be. The gymnasts need to take ownership for their behaviour both in the way they train and the way they perform. This requires gymnasts to take responsibility for the way they live their lives in order to give 100% commitment in their gymnastics classes. For example, gymnasts demonstrate their commitment by arriving on time and not missing sessions. Gymnasts are responsible for the physical condition in which they arrive at the gym so that they can get the best possible improvements from the session. This would include eating a healthy diet and having sufficient sleep in order to recover fully for the next training session.

When gymnasts and coaches understand and undertake the values of ownership and responsibility, then a friendly, safe environment is created in which all our members can achieve personal success through higher levels of organisation and discipline.

We undertake to inform you if your child appears to be unhappy at gymnastics training. Our Sport is not for everyone when it comes to the competitive levels. It could be that a diversion into a different branch of the sport might make a child happier and more willing to perform to his/her best ability. We aim to offer a varied programme of gymnastics for all ages including opportunities to take part in events including gymnastic festivals. If you would like to find out more about other opportunities for your child to take part, please email Allison at info@allegrogymnastics.co.uk for more information.